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  • Jamie Adams

The 5 Talking Points From Apple’s Product Parade

We discuss the main talking points from Apple’s keynote, which helped the company’s stock price hit an 11-month high.

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

For many, the month of September is synonymous with the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the dreaded start of the new school year. However, for those of us with a love of all things tech, September can only mean one thing: the Apple (NYSE: AAPL) product launch!

In what turned out to be an underwhelming event overall, we are going to dive into the new products and services that Apple ‘unveiled’, and see what that means for the company moving forward.

The iPhone 11

To begin our little Appventure (I’m so sorry…), we start with the obvious announcements, first and foremost being the company’s annual iPhone parade. 

For the first time ever — hold the gasp — the iPhone contains the word ‘Pro’ in it, perhaps in the hope of Pro-longing (are you still with us?) customer interest in a phone model that is stuck in an awkward limbo between iOS 13 and 5G capability. 

The new model does boast an impressive new camera, complete with Night Mode, slow motion selfies and a choice between double or triple (iPhone 11 Pro)  rear cameras. The company’s decision to name the new slow-motion selfies as ‘slofies’ however, was met with the same derision and cringe that one might get when their father aims a dad-joke at the poor, unsuspecting waitress at the diner.

Moving swiftly on — because we really don’t want to get into just how uncomfortable the triple-camera is making us feel (trypophobics, this device isn’t for you) — the main talking point of these new iPhones must be the lower price, with the basic iPhone 11 model coming in at ‘just’ $699. 

It seems that Apple has begun to embrace the fact that people may not be all that willing to fork over thousands of dollars for mobile devices anymore, but it’s still betting on its brand power. That being said, the phone itself is an improvement on the already impressive X series, so time will tell if sales see a jump, especially in the midst of a trade war.

New iPad

The iPad is finally getting a new look (well, more like a new size, 10.2 inches to be precise), and looks like it will be the company’s most powerful tablet device to-date. 

Optimized for the upcoming iPad OS, the iPad’s 7th series will feature improved brightness and viewing angles, an A10 Fusion chip and also adds a Smart Connector plus a new smart keyboard cover.

The device is clearly designed for optimized gaming and streaming with Apple’s upcoming Arcade and Apple TV+ services on the horizon, but more on that later. The new iPad has also seen a price slash, coming in at a (reasonably) reasonable $329. 

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch is the compass which points us to where the company seems to be heading in terms of services, as it boasts no fewer than THREE health compatibilities: hearing, heart and movement and menstrual-cycle tracking! 

The new Watch Series 5 features a new always-on display that can drop to as low as 1Hz refresh to save power, but much to the disappointment of many, there will be no sleep-tracking feature. 

A somewhat lackluster display for one of the company’s growing revenue streams, the Apple Watch will set one back $399 for the basic model, but hey, it has some fancy new bands and faces!

Apple Arcade

When Apple announced its upcoming gaming platform back in the jolly ol’ springtime, CEO Tim Cook remained tight-lipped on the matter, and not much has been said about it since. That is, until its conference on Tuesday. 

Apple Arcade will launch on September 19th, and for $4.99 per month, subscribers will have unlimited access to over 100 new games. The service is ad-free, cross-device inclusive and games can be downloaded to play offline. 

Apple TV+

And finally, the big one — in terms of Apple services that is — Apple TV+ has a price, and it is $4.99 a month, making it the (drumroll please) cheapest streaming platform on the market!

We could list off all of it’s features, but we’ll just let Apple do that for us: 

“New Apple Originals every month.

Always ad-free and on demand.

For up to six family members.

Download and watch offline.

4K HDR and Dolby Atmos.”

Now, there you have it, have you ditched Netflix yet? No? Us neither. 

With just nine original shows upon launch, and no licensed content from third parties to speak of, we don’t think this will be a Netflix killer. However, Apple have very cleverly included a one-year free trial of Apple TV+ with every purchased Apple product, so the company is likely to see significant numbers in its first year, but whether those customers subscribe to pay in 12 months time is another story. 

In conclusion, it seems as if Apple is not exactly throwing all of its eggs in the service-only basket just yet, as it still banks on its devices and wearables. However, there is no denying that many of its services are now being tied in with its products, building an all-important subscription machine, where people are paying monthly for Apple Music, TV, Arcade, Health and more, providing a churning machine of revenue stream.

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